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Beauty exists in nature but also in the scientific understanding of nature, yet the science is often mistakenly perceived to be dry, nerdy, boring, the antithesis of beauty. The blog Nature Unveiled revels in the beauty of both as it explores natural phenomena from bioluminescence to carnivorous plants to seal whiskers.

Nature Unveiled is a collaboration of father and son, Edwin Barkdoll and Forest Barkdoll-Weil.

Fungi cannon or catapult close up
Nature Unveiled
Edwin Barkdoll

Cannons and Catapults – Nature’s Projectiles

Cannons and Catapults – Nature’s Projectiles Catapults and cannons aren’t just military devices invented by humans; plants and fungi have been using them for millions of years to help them survive and prosper. This essay explores these tiny machines. Expect to be amazed! Cluster of Pilobolus fruiting bodies, each only about 2mm tall The Cannon

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Lady Slipper Plant Flower
Nature Unveiled
Edwin Barkdoll

The Lying Lady’s Slipper

The Lying Lady’s Slipper We’ve all met people who lie, but have you met a flower that lies? And how would you know you’ve met a deceitful plant? Such plants are quite crafty in their deception, just like lying people.  And they certainly have their reasons, also like people. Pink Lady’s Slipper Plants are necessary

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Oyster Mushroom light from Bioluminescence in Nature
Nature Unveiled

Bioluminescence – The Prometheus Within

Bioluminescence – The Prometheus Within Bioluminescence, the ability of an organism to produce its own light, is widespread in nature from mushrooms to deep sea fish. Yet, we often overlook the richness of the bioluminescent world because we bring our own lights wherever we go. In this article, join us on a journey into the

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