Lepidoderma tigrinum on moss

Jewels from Slime

Slime molds are diamonds in the rough, and the closer you look, the more they shine. You may have encountered them as amorphous blobs on a lawn or a walk in the woods. They are on leaves, in the soil of Antarctica, and in deserts, to name a few habitats.

Fantastic Feathers

Birds have perfected the fine-tuned ability to fly over millions of years. In fact, some geese have been observed flying over Mount Everest. Their enviable ability to fly relies upon several factors, the first and foremost being the engineering marvels called feathers.

Wolf spider eye eyeshine

Night Eyes

Picture ancestral humans huddled around a fire, peering beyond the edge of the firelight into a nighttime world dotted with the golden eyes of other animals. Welcome to the gleaming world of eyeshine, where wildlife, or perhaps your dog caught in the beam of a flashlight on the last walk before bed, stares at you with glowing eyes.

Green islands in aspen leaves

Mining for Gold – in a Leaf

Leaf miners are often overlooked and don’t get no respect. Yet they are everywhere and
offer a fascinating look at life inside a leaf and the subtle communication between the miner and the host plant.

Porcupine Quill

To Quill, or not to Quill

You may have heard about porcupines. They are dim-witted, forest-destroying pests who throw their quills and serve no useful purpose. But is this truth or fiction?


Bug Closeup insect eye

Bug-eyed Beauty

Bug-Eyed Beauty An old proverb says, “The eyes are windows to the soul.” But what if the eyes belong to a bug? Bugs may or may not have souls – whatever a soul actually is – but their amazing eyes are an endless source of fascination and beauty and endow insects and their allies with surprising …

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Lady Slipper Plant Flower

The Lying Lady’s Slipper

The Lying Lady’s Slipper We’ve all met people who lie, but have you met a flower that lies? And how would you know you’ve met a deceitful plant? Such plants are quite crafty in their deception, just like lying people.  And they certainly have their reasons, also like people. Pink Lady’s Slipper Plants are necessary …

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