Meet Me

My passion for adventure and the outdoors started almost as soon as I was born. Growing up on the coast of Maine, I explored Acadia National Park every weekend, went camping every summer, started rock climbing at age five, and climbed Katahdin, Maine’s tallest mountain, one week after I turned six (the youngest age allowed to summit that rugged peak). While adventures in nature have always been part of my life, and my parents filled albums with photos of our various outings, I didn’t become interested in photography myself until 2017 when, during a family trip, I began asking my dad – an incredible photographer for 50 years – about his camera. Shortly thereafter, he gave me one of his cameras, a 15-year-old Nikon D300. I was immediately hooked and have been taking photos ever since. While I take a range of photographs, my greatest passion lies with landscape and astrophotography and turning raw footage into digital art.
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